Not satisfied with the lack of support for performance artists and an undying love for live art, I proposed an idea to my building residents (our bubble); that we should challenge the grey areas of performances during lockdown and bring people what we needed the most - a bit of joy in such uncertain times, and proof that such things are possible in a safe way that still adheres to government guidelines without sacrificing it all to be merely on a screen.

A huge success, it was to be the catalyst for many cabaret shows across the UK using a similar theatrical model.

a sell-out theatre show for 70 people per night was born, called ‘COVIDET’. A loose adaptation of the film ‘CABARET’ to reflect on modern issues in a light hearted way, It ran for 7 nights, and everyone in our ‘bubble’ had some part to play in It’s creation – we built a stage on the façade of our building, made the costumes with what we had, and composed the music. The audience could book * only * by calling our ticket line, and being seated in their own bubbles in the street.

A turning point in my own artistic career, it made our bubble have an incredible bond, alongside the neighbours who helped us with our hellish seating plans each night and making sure people were ok. With many performers across theatre and cabaret being in the LGBTQIA+ community, a queer resonance of our difficulties caused by the pandemic was felt like no other.