GOLGOTHA – Peopling the Palaces 2015

SUPPER: A Deconstructed Dinner-party for Apocalyptic Hunger – 2016

Come and dine at one final table before everything you know is consumed. SUPPER pitted the audience against a maniacal maître d’ in a dinning hall from hell to discuss the terrifying consequences of humanity’s endless desire for growth, consumption and our capacity for avarice.

Unheimlich – LowStakes – 2017

Something stalks outside your gate. Something has come home. There are wolves at the door. Unheimlich was made as part of Low Stakes festival (2017) within my ongoing development with Fierce FWD. This performance took queer nihilist criticisms of the heterosexual home – as damaging and domesticating to queer subjects – and combined them with a feral persona built out of rage and frustration to vindicate the pain of adolescent isolation. This work would grow to become Homecoming.

Homecoming – Fierce Festival 2017 (Fierce FWD)

Homecoming presented a retaliation against loneliness, a feral vindication of adolescent isolation. Crawling over brimstone and clawing up river banks, a wolf came home to the static of the suburbs. Homecoming placed a monstrous queer avatar against an effigy of suffocating heterosexual domesticity, weaponising ugly emotions in a ritual act of sound and destruction to find a catharsis for loneliness; justice for the monster. For the Wolves. For the Witches. We are at the door. 

TANTRUM – Tenderloin #13, Steakhouse Live

RODENT is having a tantrum. Everything is terrible and there’s no end in site and art is pointless and democracy is dead. What is a transdimensional entity to do in the face of monstrous tragedy and oversaturated boredom? TANTRUM is an exercise in futility; in causing a stink and crying over spilt milk in a not-so-defiant act of political petulance; a failure before it began, an ineffectual strategy to resist and negotiate overwhelming oppression and the dislocation of contemporary society. Inspired by accusations of pettiness and snow-flakery levelled at the artist, as well as other trans and queer people, TANTRUM is an embodiment of the whingeing, bullying snowflake buried deep with all of us. A half-arsed call to action or an advert for inertia, TANTRUM is shallow, pointless and self-indulgent: a portrait of the artist as a young brat.